We dreamt of a future where “Business will be As Easy as Speaking”

At Conttext, Simplification of Automation is our single most important focus. We intend to focus on primary modes of human communication - Text, Voice and Sight. At work, we build purpose built conversational workflow solutions, helping business simplify tasks and in a way the automation process itself. It doesn’t mean we just create rectangles and pass messages, we assure that the conversations are auditable and are enforced by policies and R&R in the organization.

To do this, we have razor sharp focus on how conversational and ubiquitous computing will evolve, a deep expertise in the chosen verticals and the right engineering skills. We also work with our partners to bring in the required expertise in implementation along with knowledge of your systems and processes to aid simplification.

Late 2016

We pitched the idea to Startup Mission in Kerala, India and earned our credits, 2 member team


Prototyped and demonstrated Clinical Application to customers, closed 5 Deals & secured first Angel funding

Early 2018

Going live site after site, engaging with new prospects and closing further rounds of funding

Communication, coordination and collaboration creates data, data on what work is performed and how well its being performed. At Conttext, we believe our evolution is towards Personalization of work, a future where Contextually aware co-workers, machines and programs shall communicate with you in coordinating with you and improve the rhythm of operations, the rhythm of your work

Such a future can't be dreamt of in isolation, hence our trust on Platforms for work, where best Practices flow as conversations, auditable and improvable with time and learning by machines. Our efforts are on to engineer the Platform along with Our Partners, understand the wants of Ecosystem players, design the playing field for them to operate and create easy avenues for Innovation by Ecosystem players resulting in a win-win scenario for all players.


Varun Haridas

Co-Founder & CTO

Ramesh Phatak

Board Member & Industry X.0 Evangelist

Vinutha Murthy

Head - Finance & Operations

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CONTTEXT adds new names to it's client base

Bangalore, India - 01 Aug 2018: Conttext, a global provider of Conversational Connected Care platform is slowly widening it's customer base to both corporate and state health initiatives. Conttext has bagged orders for Conversational Connected Care initiatives in two hospitals (one in India and one international) and a State wide Health for all Program in India through it’s strategic partnership with SRIT (a leading System Integrator in the Healthcare industry).

As part of the multi-year contract, Conttext will first deliver the Clinical Version of Therapy. Therapy is the Conversational Connected Care Platform. The first Phase of implementation of Clinical Version of Therapy Would be followed by Patient Version of Therapy for bringing care Providers and Patients to a single connected Care Platform to have meaningful conversations.

Talk to Us

Its always better the world knows and hears about us through trusted voices, We think what we built may be small, but could touch more lives, provide better work and family time for millions of personnel and improve productivity of thousands of corporations, we would love to hear from those who would like to connect with us be it Media, Investors, Partners or those who would like to think out of the box along with us. Write to us in reachus@conttext.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible