Therapy and Orchestrate are platforms where Care gets delivered and Work gets done respectively. Both products embrace Lean as a philosophy and built on SMART enabling the next generation Enterprise

Therapy is a Conversational Connected Care Platform which helps improve productivity and margins by improving coordination and collaboration of relevant stakeholders to provide care on a common platform.

Orchestrate is a Platform to perform, monitor, manage and control Work, while all the way simplifying the very nature of automation, reducing the complexities and naturalizing automation into one’s daily routine. The Platform would serve a myriad of Process streams including but not limited to Order to Cash, Idea to Market or Procure to Pay, Hire to Retire & Request to Resolution

The share of Digital Followers investing in consulting services to define their Connected Industrial Workforce strategy will increase to 30%. Digital Leaders are already one step ahead and will increase investments in consulting services to implement the Connected Industrial Workforce from 28% to 38% in the same period

Accenture “Machine Dreams” Report 2016

Partnering on Model
Business Conversations

Conversational platforms provide a much efficient and simpler way for teams to execute work both internally and with external stakeholders

Conversational Platforms are usually left to teams to decide on what information they will use, when they will use and how they will use

Predefined Model Business Conversations (MBC) ensure right information is available to right stakeholders/groups and when they require

MBC’s also allow periodic audit for Compliance and Fidelity of Processes

Current Partners



Partnership for offering integrated software solutions for connected care

CONTTEXT and SRIT have signed a partnership agreement
aimed at bringing Conversational Connected Care offering to customers

  • Conttext and SRIT will work together in integrating SRIT’S Helathcare Information System (HIS) with Therapy, the Conversational Connected Care Platform from Conttext.
  • Organizations will educate the existing customers of the advantages in moving to a conversational platform for value based care delivery.
  • Conttext and SRIT will cooperate closely in Go-To Market activities.

According to McKinsey’s Digital Manufacturing Study 2018, More than 40% of respondents prefer to build their IT/OT systems in-house or tailor them based on external sources. This contributes to the need to bridge a wide range of systems that includes ones developed in-house, purchased from vendors, or co-developed

Consulting partners in our ecosystem are expected to address the following layers with strong focus on Business Transformation delivered via Digitization

Business Vision (incl. Balanced Scorecard)
Human Capital
Operations and
Technology Management (IT, OT and Integration of these)

As well as de-mystify the following Technology pieces for clients
Connect and

Among the IT deficiencies, only 20% of manufacturers have built network-wide data lakes in more than
half of their plants

McKinsey’s Digital Manufacturing Study 2018

While we have built a platform which is the starting point, we are looking for you to join hands with us to take
it to the limits - help us re-imagine those limits

Sounds interesting? Talk to us to explore how we could
expand your service offerings using Orchestrate