Meet Targets,
Manage Execution

Technology will suggest Producers the best ways to meet their Targets and a way to manage its execution remotely, real-time with players Internal and External.

80% New Talent
90% Training

> 80% of the companies are on the look out for new talent to keep in pace with technology and 90% are training staff on new technologies

85% Reported

85 percent of manufacturing executives in North America, Europe and Asia believe connected workers will be commonplace in their plants by 2020

20 - 30%
Improvement in
Gross Margin

Better employee engagement and greater efficiency thanks to contextualization and personalization of Work information

As human workers and machines learn to work together in a single loop of productivity, organizations will likely need to redesign jobs and reimagine how work gets done in this hybrid environment


The Platform

  • A Platform for performing WORK.
  • Connected easily through multiple layers of the organization
    within or across business units & group companies
  • Connects Workers to perform work within units or across and
    across multiple information sources
  • Connects Workers to Information from Machines
  • Ability to connect your workers with Machines…

"There is a noted movement of many organizations towards a network of teams operating model that aims to enable greater collaboration and internal agility. The movement has been joined by the growing shift from an internal enterprise focus to an external ecosystem one"

Deloitte, The rise of the social enterprise, 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends


At Orchestrate, we don't expect funny cat pictures and would not want Orchestrate to be the medium for official grapevine in the organization. Stick to business and Orchestration shall be more productive


We have put our best effort to reduce complexity and command line interfaces and we don't test your knowledge of short cuts, simple productive conversations with data shall untie a thousand knots


Work as teams, but break Silos, be it Maintenance teams in Shopfloors or HR in Management Discussions when it comes to performance or hiring to exit. Extend the spirit of collaboration to your partners as well


Easy, Efficient, Automated Handover of work based on roles

Paperless Work including Signatures

Improved Visibility into Work - Man, Machine Process Status in a Single and Multi Unit Corporation

Easy Deployment & Better Enforcement of Work Processes

Easiest interface for humans – talking (Chat/Messaging) to start with…

Easy Information about Work at Fingertips