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Two of the major concerns of Patients today are transparency and delays. Care providers at the same time worry whether a delay in communication would lead to patients switching to other available options. A “Bi-directional” communication mechanism supports Care Providers to ensure the level of engagement to retain and gain more satisfied customers

Connect Collaborate Care

Therapy for Patients is an extension of the Clinical collaboration side of Therapy. Therapy makes provision to receive and collaborate patient data from various sources e.g. lab, radiology, hospital, physician, hospice or home health, insurance, preserve legacy data & give ownership to the patient to selectively share the medical record with care providers as and when needed. The patient gets best of the health by a specialty specific care team, following the care plan and modifying lifestyle as advised by the provider through Therapy

These days, the level of health consciousness has raised among people especially the younger generation. World is going digital and people rely more on services which are transparent, quick and reliable. Healthcare is no different. Therapy for Patients provides you a secure digital medium to better connect with your care providers to get you optimum care just in time by paying fair. Therapy creates a unique two-way mobile interaction between patients & providers in real time & connects through an uncomplicated and intuitive messaging layer. Record your wellness data with Therapy and share it with your care provider anytime anywhere, be it emergency or routine check

Physician’s best of prescriptions doesn’t work if not followed by the patients due to busy routine, old age or any other reason. The outcome is poor patient health, no timely cure and reduced credibility of the provider. Therapy resolves this concern by sending timely medication and activity reminders to patient & ensures continuity of care. The outcome is a happy and healthy patient. Improved patient satisfaction is an indicator of efficiency of care provider & raises the care providers growth index

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to Know my Care Team?

Your assigned Care Team in case of admissions are available as part of your profile page. You could get in touch with members of your care team through the Assigned Group/One-One

Will I get a response from my Doctor or Care Team?

Yes, usually doctors/care team members do reply to your queries/questions in chat or in case of admissions in person. Incase of outpatients, you will hear back from the respective doctors or front office/department nurses etc. as the case may be

Certain Doctors are not available for Chat on occasions, What does this mean?

Understandably so, some of the doctors/staff may not be available for external chat with Patients in different situations which may include but not limited to sensitive environments like Operation Theatre duty, Consultation time, Personal Time Off etc. You may reach out to department nurse/front office etc. as instructed by the hospital through chat or in case of emergencies invoke the required emergency call

How do I get to know the latest offers from my hospital?

Offers and advancements in treatment procedures and latest developments in care are broadcasted through Announcements, simply click on announcements or contact the front office through chat to know more

Can I get to access to multiple hospitals using Therapy?

Yes, Therapy is designed keeping users in mind and users would be able to login with their primary email ID and access all hospitals they are registered with, provided those hospitals have subscribed to Therapy and added you as a user through their admin application