Bridge Information Islands
Enable Practitioners
Less clutter - more time for patient care

Gone are the days when innovation in a certain vertical will impact care, like other industries, healthcare is also looking at innovations from multiple players touching daily operations in care; be it payers, providers or pharma. One of the ways to bring them altogether could be through a care team setting or groups which cater to care needs of individual patients

Key features


Real-time messaging enables the physician to converse with care teams & multitask in a super simple way Click to view sample

My Patients

Get a list of patients you have to meet today - both Inpatient and outpatients

Laboratory Reports

Get real-time lab test results to quickly decide treatment protocols in collaboration with care team


Instant access to radiology reports with images enables the physician to perform any procedure/surgery if needed

Ease up your clinical and admin staff’s work, witness
the improved productivity & step up to the next level of care

Patient Specific Conversations
Connect with patient’s care team through unique patient identifier available in THERAPY

Keep your staff up-to-date about planned activities & latest developments of your healthcare set-up & industry3

Broadcast your message to all hands, instruct, orient for common concerns

Create and manage knowledge base, allow knowledge sharing among your staff members, give them access to the latest research within your organization and outside

The Administrator View of Conversations

Conversations are managed through a simple
Administration Portal

Statistics Tool Box