Orchestrate your
Hospital Operations
Unleash the Power of Care Teams

Your hospital’s care teams are constantly on the go. Exchanging information related to patient investigations, treatment or patient’s condition consume a lot of their valuable time. Slower individual response time further delays the next step of care.
THERAPY enables your hospital staff to treat a higher volume of patients faster without compromising on quality.

Connect Collaborate Care

In a typical hospital workflow, there is always a huge disconnect between care team members which leads to lost information, medical error, or long waiting hours. The patient suffers and ultimately leads to reduction in number of returning patients, which is a business loss at providers end. Therapy helps you with instant messaging to connect care team members and let them exchange accurate information just in time. This connection works wonders for patient care, be it emergency, planned procedure, outpatient consultation or just a second opinion.

Therapy is an easy to use messaging tool which aids in collaboration between different departments of the hospital or across multiple hospitals in a chain. THERAPY has the capabilities to integrate with multiple information sources such as LIS, RIS, HIS & EMR and share real-time data with physicians, nurses and technicians in care team. The feature of groups unifies Care teams, tremendously saves time and improves ROI.

Patient-centric care is the ultimate objective of any health care setup irrespective of its size or clinical specialty. Therapy helps achieve this objective more efficiently by filling communication gaps among care teams, care coordinator and patient through secure messaging. The patient can conveniently share their feeling or progress with physician and physicians can broaden their care horizon by being at multiple places at same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Significance of messaging app in Healthcare?

Enterprise messaging solutions are disrupting every industry and healthcare is no different. In healthcare context, messaging apps help to transmit healthcare records across practitioners safely and securely and enable them to deliver care quickly and with minimal errors during handover/takeover

How are Privacy and Security handled?

Therapy doesn’t allow copy, pasting of information in the application and does not allow forward/sharing of patient information across other applications. The application allows patient specific conversations to happen strictly under the Patient ID of the respective patient. At Therapy we also have encryption methods implemented to take care of security. The application does not allow any information to be stored in phones and is information is accessible only when the application is connected to the backend healthcare information infrastructure

What kind of integrations are possible using Therapy?

Some of the integrations that have been successfully demonstrated include Lab Information Systems, Radiology Information System, Billing, Outpatient and Inpatient information etc. We are working on a host of other integrations and will be announcing to the market as we progress

Is Therapy designed for Doctors only?

No, Therapy is designed for all roles in the organization. Interestingly the application works based on the concept of role-based functionalities; those roles which needs specific functionalities are enabled based on roles. Thus, Therapy is useful and is handy for all roles from Front Office to Billing to Nurses, Physiotherapists and Doctors

I Practice in different hospitals, can I access multiple
hospitals using Therapy?

Yes, Therapy is designed keeping users in mind and users would be able to login with their primary email ID and access all hospitals they practice in one go, provided those hospitals have subscribed to Therapy and added you as a user through their admin application