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The Poor doctor-patient ratio 0.62:1000 is a worrying concern

Simplify Hospital Operations &
Improve Patient Satisfication


0.77 Days Sooner

Patients whose care team used text messaging got an early discharge from hospital 0.77 Days Sooner

23% Reported

23% staff reported waiting for handoffs & clarifications. 22% untimely handoffs cause medical errors.

$5.8 Billion Annually

$5.8 Billion Annual savings in healthcare due to faster processing of patient admission, transfer, handover, emergency response.

A report, written by patient safety experts CRICO Strategies states that over 7,000 medical errors were directly caused by miscommunication of certain facts, figures, and findings. Healthcare staff spends most of the time in repetitive activities like booking appoinments, attending patient calls, collecting, recording diagnostic reports & prescriptions, hence couldn’t spend desired time in patient care.

Remove Motion Time

Skip physical motion to
move information

Minimize Relay Time

Get the information as
Quickly as it generates

Reduce Case Study Time

Read all patient - specific
discussions recorded

Speed up Patient Communication

Timely follow up, automated
reminders to the patient

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