Bring together the disconnected Connects thereby, reshaping the connected health polygen. Helps in removing the silos among the healthcare fraternity.

All relevant connects in one place for your work environment. Form and customize special interest Groups, workplaces etc. which will improve your collaboration efforts.

Message or call your colleagues from touch of a


Customized Panel with ability to integrate to multiple information sources for data and clinical experience inputs.

Ensure Patient specific conversations maintain the trail of conversation with reference to a specific case.

Bring members into a topic specific conversation, track tasks to completion with acknowledgement and audit trail.


Assistance - Affirmation - Advice on your fingertip at point of care.

Workflow built into messaging, enabling easier flow of information between stakeholders anytime anywhere.

Orchestration Features

User Management

Easily add new users to collaborative environment with full information for their colleagues to communicate and collaborate.

Create Tabs

The power of Therapy lies in tabs, which you can create, configure based on templates.

Assign users and roles to different tabs which they would be most productive on.


Stakeholders would want to understand the collaboration performance of therapy, the feature enables snapshot of how well the platform is used for internal collaboration.