We dreamt of a future where,

"Business will be as Easy as Speaking"

Our Story

Conttext was conceived in 2015 which came from a spark of thought between the founders – Siv and KK on how “notifications” will evolve & how they will be used in automating daily tasks – personal and business. We understand that a serious amount of time is wasted in approvals, meetings, documents, risk and regulatory compliance documentation, checklists and To-Do’s. What if we could save those precious moments which could be used productively with your team or your family? Our deliberations lead us to focus in the area of HealthCare, which is near and dear to us, and we came up with the product – "Therapy" as a Medium for HealthCare. While building Therapy we tried stepping into each of the stakeholder’s shoes to know the process and its pain and the flow of information within teams and across. We built Therapy as the “Medium for HealthCare” which will enable Collaboration & Communication between different stakeholders for delivering better care to the society. Our passion for the product held us together and helped us in each of the presentations/demo that we did with our prospective customers and was able to gain their confidence. In April 2017, Conttext received it’s first round of Seed Funding from an industry leader who expressed confidence in our product & its future growth plans.

Our philosophy: The primary communication modes for humans are script, speech and sight. Why should business be run any different from this? Our Vision is Simple: Business should be as easy as speaking! & at Conttext, why should we stop with Therapy? this is just a beginning…

The faces behind the keyboard

We’re excited about how business will be run. Our teams are working to create the next wave
of experience in running business operations, be it in healthcare or elsewhere and it is by no
means simple, we understand and stand by them


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Healthcare Evangelist

Varun Haridas

Co-Founder & CTO

Ramesh Phatak

Board Member & Industry 4.0 Evangelist

Vinutha Murthy

Head - Finance & Operations

Talk to Us

Its always better the world knows and hears about us through trusted voices, We think what we built may be small, but could touch more lives, provide better work and family time for millions of personnel and improve productivity of thousands of corporations, We would love to hear from those who would like to connect with us be it Media, Investors, Partners or those who would like to think out of the box along with us.


CONTTEXT acquires five major customers in the realm of Conversational Connected Care Platform

Bangalore, India - 01 Aug 2017: Conttext a global provider of conversational connected care platform has seized the opportunity to implement its collaboration solution in 3 leading hospitals in India and 2 international hospitals through it’s strategic partnership with SRIT (a leading System Integrator in the Healthcare industry).

As part of the multi-year contract, Conttext will first deliver the Clinical Version of Therapy. Therapy is the Conversational Connected Care Platform. The first phase of implementation of Clinical Version of Therapy would be followed by Patient Version of Therapy for bringing Care Providers and Patients to a single connected care platform to have meaningful conversations.

To bring context to your business conversations and learn more, visit: https://conttext.com/