08:00 Hrs.: General Surgery

  • A busy OT, where there are continuous surgeries being performed
  • Critical for anaesthesiologists to communicate important information, come to conclusion before the surgery and on time
  • Ensure everyone understands the message and signs off
  • Currently done through a WhatsApp group by the doctors in the hospital

17:00 Hrs.: Who Can Do this Test?

  • Admitted Patient with Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO)
  • Got hints for performing certain tests for ruling out observation
  • Don't know where this test will be conducted as it is not a common test
  • Only way to find out today is by the hospital staff or Doctor to call each Lab

15:00 Hrs.: Skin Clinic

  • Patient with no known history of allergy
  • Rashes appear only at random intervals of time more often when abroad
  • Severity of itching varied and nature of rashes also looked different from pictures taken - however did not store pictures taken in spite of consulting different Doctors/Locations
  • History had to be repeated every time, patient journey has to be repeated

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