ARRINA Intelligence Suite

Prepare Your Business for Intelligent Enterprise 4.0 Disruption Driven By Automation & RPA

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ARRINA’s Digital Troops Enable 0-Touch Processing

Reimagine your world with better resource utilization, reduced processing time, and better customer experience.



It is an enterprise class suite of digital bots and assistants that work with or without an ERP.



Offload mundane tasks to digital troops and focus key resources on business-critical tasks.


ARRINA is Hybrid Infrastructure

It sits within your IT environment so you have more control over data and its management.


ARRINA Is Secure

Data encryption ensures your data cannot be accessed and misused by anybody, not even our teams.

Our Conversational Bot

AYRA is your AI assistant that marches the digital troops to provide service on demand – whenever and wherever. As a digital assistant, AYRA is always available for any type of enterprise related information.
Just say “Hey AYRA…” and get it done!

Finance & Procurement

Motorize P2P and C2C with conversational platform


AI driven CRM management & continuous engagement


Superior employee experience through entire lifecycle


Automated ticket management with job allocation & status reports

ARRINA is developed to initially work with your exiting ERP system. Once you have recovered your investments from ERP you can phase it out and save money. ARRINA will do everything that the ERP does for you.

ARRINA for All

ARRINA is a multi-disciplinary and multifaceted solution that can be used across various functions within your enterprise.

Vendor Management

Operate your complex ecosystem of vendors, suppliers, partners, etc. effortlessly from single platform.

HR Management

Automate routine HR transactions and deliver exciting experience to everyone who connects with HR.

Customer Support

Customer care suite with automated bots to engage customers and accelerate resolution process.


A bird’s eye view of the state of business to help you make informed decisions at the right time.

ARRINA Stand Outs

ARRINA is different to any other ERP solution today. Here is what makes ARRINA better than the others.

Data Rendering

ARRINA can work with structured and unstructured data and can accommodate proprietary data structures for processing.

AI Based Digital Advisor

The digital advisor’s AI algorithm kicks in with natural language processing to pick up things that were not planned initially but have evolved with time.

Integration with Existing Systems

ARRINA can be integrated with existing systems like ERP, CRM, or vendor management to maximize your ROI from these investments.

Context & Not Just Content

The Natural Language Processing ensures that the troops go beyond the obvious to understand the context of the request.

Scalable Chatbots

The digital troops are highly scalable to accommodate expected and unexpected growth and can do more or less as per your needs.

Focus on Business Benefits

ARRINA enables straight-through processing with 0 errors and a unified view of the internal and external business processes.


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