Therapy – Chat & Connectivity
Solution for Hospitals

Enterprise class solution that connects different teams of the hospital in a secure environment. Therapy is Intuitive, Easy to Access, Secure, & Private.

Highly Secure

Therapy can be hosted on your server or a private cloud and uses complex encryption to secure exchange of information.

Third Party Integrations

Therapy can be integrated with apps of at home medical services providers and doctor listing app to create holistic view.

No License Fee

Therapy saves you license fee cost and works on a yearly SaaS model which adds to your bottom line and increases profitability.

Click & Get Started with Therapy

Ideal for smaller hospitals. Login to our portal and start using Therapy immediately.

No installation

No server cost

Faster go live

Fully functional


Therapy – Keep Everyone Connected

Already have an HIS in place? Just integrate it with Therapy. No overhaul needed.


Therapy for Hospitals

Create context specific chat groups for relevant doctors, nurses, and departments to coordinate patient treatments through mobile phone.


Therapy & Sendd for Patients

Patients can access their medical records from different hospitals, lab reports, billing history using Sendd on their mobile phones.


Therapy – Better Patient Outcomes & Business Value

Make better decisions and take faster actions through SoS messages, alerts, digital patient cards, and secure chats. Accelerate discharge process to improve availability of beds. Deliver an effortless experience to patients as they engage with multiple departments of your hospital.

Therapy – The Healthcare Medium

Here’s a look at some of the solution features that address crucial needs of your hospital.

Secure Chats

One-on-one and context specific group chats in secure environment created just for your hospital.

Patient Information

Digital cards that map complete patient journey, EMR and treatment regime of inpatients.

Alert System

Hospital wide broadcasts or one-on-one push notifications to a select group of staff.


Repository of latest medical trials, research, journals, and publications to keep your staff updated.


Shine the spotlight on your hospital’s media coverage through news notification to your staff.

Therapy Lite – Integrated Hospital App for Patients

Therapy and Sendd join hands to integrate all medical histories of your patients on their mobile app. Patients can manage their medical records, book appointments, see lab reports and hospital invoices, etc. on their phone.
There’s more to Therapy Lite to be explored!

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